Domestic Program

AOT’s domestic advertising strategy includes media collaborations with national publications, along with marketing efforts in Target Cities, Spring Training, and In-State marketing campaigns.

Advertising efforts consist of a diverse media mix including print, television, out-of-home, digital, mobile,
PPC, retargeting, video, consumer activations, and social media executions.

The campaigns reach a national audience with an emphasis on targeted cities including, but not limited to: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, and Seattle.

Destination Marketing Organizations:

AOT is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the State of Arizona. AOT does not designate other Destination Marketing Organizations across the state. The designation decision lies with the local municipality, county, or tribal entity.

A Destination Marketing Organization is defined as an incorporated not-for-profit organization or governmental unit that is responsible for the tourism promotion and marketing of a destination on a year-round basis. DMOs must have an established tourism website or microsite and a dedicated tourism marketing budget.

Arizona Expedition Season 4 - Harun Mehmedinovic

Arizona Expedition follows filmmaker and photographer, Harun Mehmedinovic as he talks about filming the night sky and starting the Skyglow Project with Gavin Heffernan.

Arizona Expedition Season 4 - Kathryn Bertine

Kathryn Bertine, Founder/CEO of Homestretch Foundation discusses what inspires her and other athletes to train in Arizona.

Arizona Expedition Season 4 - Len Necefer, Ph.D.

Len Necefer, the founder of Natives Outdoors, talks about what inspires him to adventure and tell the stories of the Southwest Native Tribes.

2019 Sunshine to Share Media Blitz Campaign

In 2019, AOT conducted a media blitz in Chicago and New York in the depth of winter to promote our warm-weather destination..

[UN]REAL ARIZONA Tucson & Cochise County

[UN]REAL ARIZONA travels to Tucson & Cochise County to explore leisure and food.

AOT Saks Sizzle Campaign

These window and in-store displays were showcased at Saks Fifth Avenue New York City location. It highlights various National Parks located within the State of Arizona.