Destination Marketing Organizations:

The Arizona Official of Tourism (AOT) is looking to streamline efforts to recognize Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) designations. Previously, each program application required a letter of support or affidavit from the municipality to ensure AOT was working with the official DMO of a specific community.

AOT does not designate local DMOs across the state. The local designation decision lies with a municipality, county, or tribal entity (the “Entity”), and must conform to the following requirements:

  1. AOT recognizes only one DMO per established community and requires that a DMO must be recognized by Entity (municipal, county or tribal) leadership through official action, which also designates a representative who is authorized by the official action to execute the DMO Affidavit on behalf of the Entity.
  2. The official action may be a resolution, ordinance, tribal action, contract, and/or other official action by the Entity (municipality, county, or tribe), and the action must be effective until July 2022 (End of State Fiscal Year).
  3. Renewal of DMO Affidavits will be required on an annual basis.
  4. A DMO is defined as a not-for-profit organization or governmental unit that is responsible for the tourism promotion and marketing of a destination on a year-round basis.
  5. DMOs must have 1) a dedicated tourism marketing budget and 2) a website/microsite and/or social media presence.

Moving forward, AOT will require a DMO affidavit from each partner that intends to participate in any AOT programs, including but not limited to Prop 302, Rural Co-op, Trade Shows, FAM Trips, etc. If your community is unincorporated, please reach out to AOT for guidance.

The DMO affidavit can be found HERE. If your community is thinking about participating in FY22 AOT programs, please consult your municipality, county or tribal entity and have them fill out the affidavit and have it notarized.

Once complete the DMO Cover Sheet, Affidavit and a copy of the official action can be emailed to Alix Skelpsa Ridgway at [email protected].