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Arizona Governor's Conference on Tourism

Arizona Travel Impacts presentation is now available.
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Summer In AZ Campaign

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Welcome to the Arizona Office of Tourism's business website. This site serves as the research and marketing resource for the Arizona tourism industry and media representatives. Research data, marketing plans and program information regarding the Arizona Office of Tourism's strategic program of work is available throughout this site.

For more information about Arizona as a travel destination, please visit our consumer website at,

Special Message from Arizona Department of Revenue: Evading state taxes is not only a serious crime; it hurts everyone in Arizona. Taxes are used to fund government programs such as education and public safety. When people evade taxes, these programs do not get the support they need.

The Department of Revenue is offering a tax recovery program that provides a limited-time opportunity for taxpayers to come into compliance.

The goal of the tax recovery program is to offer relief to those taxpayers who, for whatever reason, underreported or failed to file returns and pay their taxes. Tax recovery applications must be received by the Department between September 1 and November 2, with all tax liability paid with the application. Taxpayers who meet all the requirements will pay no interest and have no civil penalties imposed.

Now is your chance to avoid harsh penalties, criminal sanctions and higher interest.

Visit to download forms and read the latest on the program. You may also call the Arizona Department of Revenue at 1-844-698-9176 to get further details.