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This past fiscal year has shown our industry’s vast capacity for adaptability and resilience in the face of great challenges. Our ongoing strategic planning efforts, which serve as the backbone of our approach help ensure our daily marketing decisions are as effective as possible.

Here is a look at 2022 Economic Impact of the Arizona Tourism Industry.

AOT FY23 Annual Report R2 Cover


Create an Arizona experience that captures and nurtures the hearts and minds of people who call it home and travelers the world over in search of extraordinary adventure and natural wonders.


We stabilize and strengthen local economies, protect environmental and cultural resources, create a meaningful visitor experience and enhance the quality of life for Arizonans through tourism collaboration, promotion and development.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Program Purpose:
The Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) leads the state’s tourism industry in the development of global marketing programs to promote Arizona as a unique travel destination. With multiple research-based initiatives including advertising campaigns, cooperative marketing programs, travel trade activities, media relations and community outreach, AOT creates a positive and profitable cycle of visitation, spending, job growth and tax revenue. As a result, Arizona’s tourism industry injects billions of dollars into the state’s economy to help fund public services such as education, safety and health.

To accomplish this, AOT continually updates its strategic plans to maximize program reach and effectiveness.

The foundation of our current Three-Year Strategic Plan, 2021-2024, includes the following strategic goals. Throughout our FY23 Annual Report, you will see how our programs align to these goals and the results of our work.

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Balance Statewide Visitation Across Time, Place, and Traveler Type

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Strengthen Arizona’s Position as an International Destination for Desired Travelers

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Support the Diverse Needs of our Industry Partners to Cultivate and Sustain a Thriving and Inclusive Tourism Economy

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Sustain the Tourism Product and Experience by Expanding AOT’s Destination Management Program, Appreciate AZ